Aug 18, 2015

Styles Change You can Too

Finally got a new Head shot!  

After meeting someone and telling them what I did I would hand them my business card with my picture.  Then they would say "Ohhh I've seen you in the Central Home Magazine".  My picture didn't reflect what I currently looked like.  And though they had seen me before as I stood in front of them they didn't recognize me. So I needed a change.

Maybe you can say the same about your current furniture.  You bought it long ago or maybe it was a hand me down.  Whatever the case it just doesn't reflect who you currently are. Styles change, we change and obviously hair changes.  Why not change your space you live in.

I would love to come talk to you about creating a space that reflects who you are now. It could be a small change like a new Rug or some new lighting.  It could be a big change like all new furniture. A whole new room.

Call me! My first Consultation is Complimentary and together we can create a space that reflects your current you!